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Jasmine Grace

Listen to Jasmine Grace tell her story. 

“the first time I exchanged my body for money I was completely horrified…”

I am a thoughtful, well-spoken survivor and leader in the anti-trafficking movement. In addition to my life experience as a survivor of sexual exploitation, I bring the commitment, perspective, and necessary advocacy skills to guide the hard work of survivor transformation through to success.

I believe it takes the whole community to support victims so that they can become survivors. Empowering women and watching them heal and transform their lives is what drives my passion for this work.

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Tess Devino

Listen to Tess Devino tell her story. 

“…I was a puppet to him… and while I was using he would put me in these situations. Now looking back on it, I don’t think I would have done that being of sound mind.”

I am a young women who has risen above the victimization of men and from trafficking heroin, crack cocaine, and guns into the state of Vermont.  I have been directly affected by the choices and sacrifices I’ve made in my relationships.

I am a recovering addict who has lost her children to the state I live in. I have a criminal record that shows how those choices ended in me being incarcerated. I struggle daily not to repeat them. I hope my message helps others become aware of women who are abused and vulnerable to men who are looking to capitalize on crime.

Megan McCarthy

Listen to Megan McCarthy tell her story. 

“I was introduced to people up here who were doing drugs and stuff, and then, one of my friends started prostituting and that’s kinda how I got into that.”

I am 21, an addict in recovery, and a mom raising a two-year-old. I was raised in Vermont by two very loving parents. I am a strong believer that the things I have been through made me the person and mother I am today.

I started using drugs when I was about fifteen and from there my addiction escalated. I have been in numerous abusive relationships as well as raped and ‘pimped out.’ I was arrested, which I believe saved my life. I am now almost six months sober and living a life I never thought I would be able to.

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